Joseph Smith’s Seer Stones

Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University Best Selling Monograph

This book traces the life and purpose of Joseph Smith’s seer stones from when they were found until today as they rest in the LDS presidency’s vault in Salt Lake City.

It was on Deseret Book’s best sellers list and has gone through several printings and thousands of copies. It has been reviewed numerous times and considered to be balanced scholarship.

Dr. Christopher Cannon Jones, Brigham Young University

Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, “MacKay and Frederick not only provide the single best historical overview of the function and role of seer stones in early Mormon history, but also offer a provocative (if not necessarily wholly convincing) reading of the significance of seer stones to Mormon theology.”

Dr. Joseph Spencer, Editor Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

“They refuse to limit the materials they gather to historical sources from the nineteenth century. Instead, they delve seriously (and responsibly) into interpretive questions regarding the text of the Book of Mormon—about what might be said regarding seer stones that appear in the text, about what relationship those stones might bear to Joseph Smith’s stones, and about what certain passages in the text might imply about the very nature of the Book of Mormon as a translation. They also raise theological questions that go far beyond the limits of historical inquiry but that are of deep and lasting import to Latter-day Saints, asking about the use of material objects in lived religion, what seer stones suggest about the nature of prophetic knowledge, what role seer stones play in Joseph Smith’s vision of eternal life, and so on”

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